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HandHeld 400x Fiber Optical Inspection Microscope, CL400 (0)

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 01/05/2013
 แก้ไขล่าสุด: 08/04/2015
 เบอร์โทรติดต่อ: 0896622209

กล้องส่องหัวไฟเบอร์ กำลังขยาย 400 เท่า
8,600.00 บาท


Fusion Splicer, T-208H SC/APC Quick Connector Fiber Optic Cable Stripping Tool, Ideal 45-162 Fiber Optic Oven LINK,UF-2840, FIBER OPTIC PROFESSIONAL TERMINATE SET (1)


CL-400 Fiber Microscope is used for inspecting fiber terminations. This CL series utilizes white LED for coaxial illumination and provides the most critical view of ferrule end face. It has good optical performance and integrated laser safety filters and produces excellent detail of scratches and contamination.

Light is introduced into the optical path (axis) so that it comes out of the tip of the objective and strikes the sample perpendicular to the fiber end-face.

For critical examination of polish quality, we strongly recommend to use this fiber microscope (CL) in all your inspections.

If you frequently terminating fiber and have received professional training, CL series are best tool for you. We recommend 200x magnification for multi-mode and 400x magnification for single-mode

Features: This device is very effective, reliable, easy and safe to use.


Equipped with LED illumination and a Laser filter installed for eye protection

Comes with a versatile adapter interface

Provides clear bright images and smooth focus control

Momentary push button on/off switch

Long life, durable and reliable

Approved by strict quality and safety standards ensures a long and trouble free life

Approved with CE and Passes the European Standards which ensures InternationalSstandard Quality

FREE 2.5mm and 1.5mm adapators are included in the set


Housing Material: non-Slip Rubber

Optical Magnification: 400x

Power source: 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)

Light Source: White LED, rated life: 100,000 hours

Weight: 0.6 Kg or 600g

Size: 225 L x 32mm (8.76" x 1.25")


Momentary on/off switch

Fine Focus control wheel

Safety Filter: Built-in IR filter

Adapter Interface: Uses interchangeable, presented universal or dedicated adapters

Adapter: Universal Adapter (2.5mm) Compatible with ST, FC, SC, E2000, and 2.5mm DIN

Set includes:

1 x 400x CL series Fiber Scope

1 x 1.5mm Adaptor (FREE)

1 x 2.5mm Adaptor (FREE)

1 x Soft Carrying Case

1 x Operation Manual


Laser Safety information:

Our CL Series Fiber Scope is equipped with an attenuating, laser safety filter to reduce the risk of accidental viewing of active


fiber emissions. Since many of the wavelengths of light used in the fiber optic industry are invisible to the naked eye, the natural aversion reflex to viewing bright light is suppressed resulting in the potential for long periods of accidental exposure which can lead to permanent damager.


The filter we install will provide over 35dBm of attenuation at wavelengths from1310nm to 1550nm. In addition,it will provide over 20.5dBm of attenuation at 850nm. However, it should be stressed that in spite of the protection offered, under no circumstances should an actively emitting fiber be viewed with a visual inspection scope such as this CL series.


Operation Step:

Input the Fiber which will be checked into the Fiber insert Entrance,
insert another fiber connector into the light source entrance.

See from the Eyepiece and press the ON/OFF LED switch (Illumination).

Adjust the focus control, just to find the clearest viewing.

Warranty: 2 years warranty

All our products are manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines established by EN ISO9001-2000 Standards

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